DAEP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Who does the campus diagnostician/ARD Facilitator invite from the home campus to participate in the Intake IEP and Return IEP meeting?  

Attendees for the ARD/IEP meeting should include the Campus Diagnostician, Campus Administrator, 2 of the student’s teachers (1 General Education and 1 CTE if appropriate), and the Campus Special Education Case Manager. 


2) Who does the campus diagnostician/ARD Facilitator invite from Richey Academy to participate in the Intake IEP and Return IEP meeting?

Richey Academy attendees will include Kathy Goodwin (Special Education Services Coordinator)

3) Where will the Intake, Annual, and Return ARD/IEP Meeting take place?

  1.  Intake ARD/IEP Meeting - will take place on the home campus 
  2. Annual or Reevaluation ARD/IEP Meeting - will take place at Richey Academy 
  3. Return ARD/IEP Meeting - will take place at home campus 
4) When should an Intake ARD/IEP meeting include an Annual and/or Reevaluation?
        If a student's Annual and/or Reevaluation is due within 15 school days, the IEP meeting should be conducted with the Intake to                Richey Academy.

5) When a student returns from Richey Academy, does a Return ARD/IEP meeting need to be held immediately prior to or the day the student returns before going to class or can the meeting be held within 10 days of returning?

The Return ARD/IEP meeting must occur prior to the student returning to the home campus.

6) Who is responsible for completing/updating goals and objectives for students at Richey Academy?

The task(s) should be completed in a collaborative effort between the student's home campus teachers and the teachers providing services at Richey Academy.

*Richey Academy is an alternative placement and will only be able to provide the home campus with information regarding a student's behavioral and academic progress*

7) When students are assigned to Richey Academy, are they withdrawn from the home campus and enrolled at the district’s DAEP and vice versa when they return?

Students placed at the district DAEP facility will be withdrawn from the home campus and enrolled at Richey Academy. Upon return, the student will be withdrawn from Richey Academy and enrolled at their home campus.


8) Does the campus diagnostician need to fill out a new transportation form?

The campus diagnostician is responsible for completing the transportation supplement and ensuring transportation is aware of the change in service.


9) Are there uniform requirements at Richey Academy?

Students are required to wear:

  • Khaki pants
  • Solid white polo shirts
  • Solid white, grey, or black undershirt (during cold weather)
  • Black belt
  • Solid black or white shoes
  • No color combinations are allowed for any of the aforementioned clothing items.
  • Backpacks and/or bags are prohibited. 

10) Is there an intake process for parents?

Immediately following the Intake ARD/IEP Meeting, the parents will be allowed to tour the facility and the transition liaison and/or special education coordinator will be able to answer any questions the parent may have.


11) Are there certain days and times for Intake ARD/IEP meetings?

There are no set days for Intake ARD/IEP meetings; however ARD/IEP meetings should be scheduled prior to 1:30 P.M. to allow for adequate time to conduct the meeting and tour the facility.