DAEP Placement

What We Do

MDR will determine if the behavior infraction is a manifestation of the student's disability.

The Campus administration determines consequences. Taking into consideration the impact of the student's disability (34 CFR TEC 37.005).

For Secondary DAEP Placement

Transition Process to Richey
If the behavior is not a manifestation & the campus determines DAEP placement then:
1. The campus administrator assigning placement will notify the student's CASE Manager, the SPED Campus Coordinator & Richey Academy's transition designee.
2. The student's SPED Case Manager will prepare the transition IEP, including all relevant components of the IEP.
3. The student's SPED Case Manager along with campus administrator will schedule the transition intake ARD with Richey Academy. 
4. Richey Academy's staff will propose matching services (as appropriate) and provide instructional services/accommodations to students as outlined the in student;s IEP. 
5. The student's SPED Case manager will ensure the Campus Coordinator is aware of related service needs for the student transitioning to Richey Academy.
6. The Campus Coordinator will notify the related service personnel servicing the student and inform them that they are to provide the required services at Richey Academy. Additionally, the Campus Coordinator will notify the supervisors of all related service staff members. 

Once the student has satisfied their required days and is ready to return to their home campus:

1. Richey Academy transition designee will notify and update the students home campus administrator, the student's SPED Case Manager, and the SPED Campus Coordinator of the TENTATIVE and FINAL date(s) the student may/will be allowed to return to their home campus.
2. Richey Academy designee will call a staffing to include the special education case manager from the home campus and the campus administrator.
3.  The SPED Case Manager will schedule the transition ARD to occur at Richey Academy.
4.  Richey Academy will prepare the transition ARD, provide copies of updated teacher input forms, and associated transfer documents. 
5.  The home campus administrator and the student's SPED Case Manager will lead and complete the ARD paperwork for the student transferring back to the home campus.  inform campus DC and Case Manager of final return date. 
6. The Diagnostician along with campus administrator will schedule the transition ARD with Richey Academy. 
7.  Student will receive all instruction and related services at their home school when days are satisfied. Circle Groups will be provided by the home campus is consent if provided by the parent. 


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