Adapted Physical Education (APE) Referral Process FAQ

Referral Process Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is eligible? 
 If the student is identified as a child with a disability in the 34 Code of Federal Regulations.

2. Who should be referred for consult?  
Any students with gross motor development concerns.

3. What age/grade levels are eligible?  

4. What are gross motor skills?  
Gross motor skills are body movements that involve use of large muscles of the body.  In regards to PE, generally include locomotor skills such as run, jump, gallop, and hop.  It also includes object control skills such as throw, catch, kick, and strike.

5. Before referring for Adapted PE services, should I try different teaching strategies/modifications? 

6. Have I considered Least Restrictive environment before referring for Adapted PE? 
Some examples may include:  general PE with age appropriate peers, student is able to make necessary accommodations for self, PE teacher makes necessary accommodations for student, use of Peer Buddy, or use of Support Personnel.

7. Does a student have to be evaluated before placing in APE?  

8. Do you need parental consent for APE informal consult? 

9. Do you need parental consent for APE formal evaluation? 

10. Should a student be referred if they are having behavior concerns in their PE class?  

11. Would a student with a walker/wheelchair automatically qualify for Adapted Physical Education services?